Photo of Nick, Nora, and the dog Asta from the film series "The Thin Man." Photo has a purple overlay.
Bad Little Brother is a design writing and curatorial project based in New York and Maryland.

We collaborate with other spatial designers, artists, fashion designers, organizers and activists, comedians, and other performers. Email us at
Ben Barsotti Scott

The self-appointed “Elle Woods︎︎ of landscape architecture,” Ben Barsotti Scott is a designer and independent curator in Manhattan.

Ben’s research interests include contemporary landscape photography, anarchism, and queer theory in landscape/architecture.
Julie Shapiro 

Julie Shapiro is a writer and landscape architect in Baltimore

Her personal research areas include: contemporary meanings of “wilderness” in cities, landscape and adolescence, and designing with urban-adapted plants for beauty and urban soil remediation. She models a productive bad attitude, and has had it up to here with men.