4. Pneu Order, an inflatable ground for pleasure and protest on the US National Mall

Unbuilt proposal, 2017

Remember that Stonewall was a nightclub. Come to the Stonewall Inn! Dance! Drag! Flirt! Fuck! In a culture that says queer bodies are not worth caring for, queers taking pleasure in each others’ bodies is a radical act of coalition building. Gay bars, girl bars, drag clubs, bathhouses, cruising grounds. These are radical places. There, we explore new intimacies, alternative hedonisms. There, we imagine new worlds and build them. The freedom they offer is temporary, tenuous, and powerful.
Experience Pneu Order, an inflatable ground for protest and pleasure on the US National Mall! Rock steady in the Rockery, where super bouncy inflatables rub up against rock-hard monuments! Get your freak on in the intoxicating jasmine heat of the Tunnel of Love! Devote yourself to the Reliquary: you’ll never forget the present with these shapely greenhouses for a wetter, hotter, warming world! And explore new worlds in the bulging exhibition rooms that occupy the fat, Mylar walls of Hot Tropic!

Tr*mp and B*nnon are counting on our “resistance fatigue.” How many more protests can m body take? They’ve never felt the miraculous rush of energy that comes at 3AM when the DJ plays your favorite song: I Feel Love, I Will Survive, I’m So Excited, We Are Family, You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). This is our secret weapon (and the secret is out, honey!)

Pneu Order was a proposal by Ben Barsotti Scott.