A Discussion of Inclusive Restroom Design

Saturday, March 31st, 2018
Kansas City Center for Inclusion︎
3911 Main St, KCMO 64111

Front/Space and Bad Little Brother partnered with the Kansas City Center for Inclusion to present a panel discussion on public restroom design.
Held on March 31st, the Trans Day of Visibility, this panel brought together architects, activists, and advocates to discuss restroom rights among trans and gender-non-conforming (TGNC) users. Panelists addressed recent developments in restroom access and inclusive design initiatives at colleges and universities, medical facilities, and cultural institutions in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Participating designers placed contemporary restroom design in context of historical analysis, case studies, and current research.
This panel discussion was organized in conjunction with Unrestrooms, an unfinished survey of gender and public space. Samantha Ruggles moderated.

Unrestrooms Stool

Bad Little Brother designed the stool to furnish the reading room for Unrestrooms. The stool is composed of a standard padded toilet seat (a nod to the exhibition’s interest in comfort and “rest”) and IKEA Marius stools from Front/Space’s collection.

We cherish the concept of the IKEA “hack,” as well as the dadaist traditions of assemblage. The padded lid can remain closed, or flip up to mimic a chair back. On the night of the exhibition opening, volunteers staffed the reading room to answer questions about restroom rights and local resources for LGBTQIA+ and TGNC folks.